An Introduction, If You Will

Ah, the first post.

What to say?

Well, for those of you who know me, consider this the official “relaunch” of me. For those of you who are new friends — or just getting to know me — a hearty hello from the Pacific Northwest.

So, yes, this is my new site for voice work.

I fancy it because it just kind of feels like me much more than in past iterations (read: poor attempts by yours truly). It also will give all of you the chance to actually get to know me better — because I intend to use the words here to give you more of a glimpse in to me and my life.

“But, what about selling your services?” someone asked me.

That’s a fair question.

Since you’re here, you know I do voice work and am a voice actor. You can also see who my representatives are — and all of the other “business-y” things.

Most importantly, you can listen to the commercial and/or narration demos and see if my style fits.

That’s the side of the business that I cannot control — whether a producer, casting director or creative likes the way I say “the.” This is the voice I was given — and I’m awfully proud of it.

What I can control is whether or not people think I’m someone they would like to work with.

This is where this new site, designed by my good friend Robert Wagner, comes in to the equation. It’s different than what you would probably expect from someone attempting to sell their vocal wares.

And, I’m OK with that.

Even though what I do can be considered a “commodity” of sorts, I still like building good, enjoyable relationships.

So, there is much more to come — and I look forward to sharing with you.

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  1. Good to have you (you) back.


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