As The Mayor Of New Seasons/Progress Ridge, I Promise To __________________

  • Shop frequently.
  • Speak French to Jean-Marie, the really well-dressed and super-friendly cashier.
  • Get something other than peanut sauce in my delicious woks.
  • Do that “savoring” face when checking out the smell of the amazing soups — you, know, that “mmmmmmm” thing with the closed eyes.
  • Buy at least 2 Maui Gold pineapples a month.
  • Always bring either my huge IKEA bag for big trips, the Waitrose bag for smaller runs or the New Seasons bag for even smaller ones.
  • Not tell stories about the Italian Market in Philadelphia when buying grated parmesan.
  • Smile all the time in the store.
  • Purchase all of our baby food when the wee daughter is old enough to eat solid food.
  • Always buy that really¬†good extra virgin olive oil in the bulk section.
Note: there will be more promises as I think of them — as long as I am still the mayor of New Seasons.


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  1. Dear Doug, all me this opportunity to thank you for your very kind complement towards me. It’s always a pleasure to have you at my register. Always a fun chatting with you in French. Merci pur tout! Joyeux Noel!


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