Selling Out With VO Spots? Hardly

I’ve had the concept in my noggin for awhile. It’s been bouncing around until I finally just decided that it was time to pull the trigger on this thing.

I’m doing radio spots to market my voice work here in Portland.

And I shall proudly and shamelessly promote these bad boys.

I’ve heard some people say that this type of advertising for voice work is akin to “selling out.” It’s not. It’s “selling.” I’m also running banners on and ads on LinkedIn. Make no mistake, this is not a substitution for good ‘ol networking and hitting the digital pavement. Rather, it is meant to be in addition to it.

And it’s also an experiment of sorts. And I’m happy to share how it all goes if you’d like.

What are my expectations?

At this point, I’m looking build awareness. I’m trying to be pretty strategic about it and putting my stuff in unexpected places. I want people to hear the signal, not more noise.

I do want to book gigs, of course. But there is something bigger going on here and more long-term.

“But you’re going to be on radio. How could that possibly work?” you ask.

Again, the strategic piece of the equation will hopefully work. I’m on a slightly younger-skewing alternative station in Portland. I’m not really expecting to get loads of people reaching out to me. But the “right” people very well may hear it. When I say “younger,” I also mean: video producers, audio producers, creatives — the folks that listen to the station while they are in their agencies or studios doing any manner of things that might actually require a voice.

The downside is the budget and the buy. It’s modest. It’s a bit of a gamble.

But, then again, when has advertising been a “sure thing?”

All I know is that I’m proud of the creative — and we’ll see what it does.

Oh, and Bob, thanks for loading these into the system at the station today. I heard you really liked the work.


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