The Simple Brand Thank You = Loyalty For Life

Not too long ago, I made the switch from Pro Tools to Adobe Audition.

Part of that switch included shedding myself of some bulky equipment that was taking up far too much space. I just needed something simple. And, at first, I was thinking of getting a smaller board until my pal out here in Oregon, let’s just call him The Swedish Gangster, got me hip to a sleek, elegant core audio box known as a Duet by Apogee Electronics.

It’s tiny and takes up very little space. It’s also a powerful little bugger.

But the quality of the equipment is secondary to the honest, simple thank you I received after I completed a super-simple survey for them.

Hi Doug,

I’m so happy to hear you are very satisfied with your Duet 2. We really appreciate you taking the time to answer our customer survey. It’s great to hear more about your projects!

Thank you again for the support and we wish you the best of luck with your future productions.


Why is this so great?

  1. It came from a real person with a real email address. So, if I ever need to get in touch with someone, I have a direct line.
  2. The thank you was just simple. I wasn’t being upsold. I wasn’t offered a million things. It was just “thanks, we appreciate the fact that you took the time.”
  3. Despite its brevity, it felt genuine and real. I honestly do think that Linda and Apogee are actually interested in my work. Bonus!

I think we can all agree that the simpler, the better. Right?

Apogee hit it out of the park.

And has a loyal customer for life.

Originally appeared on the Advertising Week Social Club blog.

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