More Practice = More Confidence

This one will be short and sweet.

I’m noticing that my reads are getting better.

Actually, I’m noticing that my auditions are getting better.

Will they translate into bookings? Gosh, I hope so. But even if I don’t mine something out of this last batch, I am acutely aware that I am reading better.

But it’s not so much just about a better read. It’s more about a confident read.

What separates the two?

Here’s what I’ve noticed of late.

A good read is to spec.
A confident read is to spec, plus the conviction that you can read it better and outside of spec (the lovely second and third takes).

A good read is about being crisp and following the “rules” of voiceover.
A confident read is about that same crispness, but with more presence.

A good read gets the job done — that is, fulfilling the requirement for an audition.
A confident read gets you on the short list — going past what’s expected.

A good read means you just “read.”
A confident read means you attack the copy, even if it is the “whisper take.”

How to gain confidence?

Keep reading.

A lot.

This little revelation has me going back to some auditions from months ago. I’m taking a closer listen. And, in some cases, I’m redoing them just to practice and improve. There is a noticeable difference. Not that the first batch sucked (in fact, I booked a few things from them), but I just knew that I could do it better.

Practice does make perfect.

In voiceover practice creates confidence.

And that’s a currency any voice talent can use to their advantage.

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