Voice Talent’s Worst Nightmare: The Winter Cold

Yep. It’s running through the Zanger household.

The Winter Cold.

A one-year-old and a four-year-old with the sniffles. And mom and dad ended up getting it as well.

Not to be a baby about it, but I seem to have received the brunt of it.

What makes this just horrible is that, as voice talent, a cold (and allergies) can absolutely obliterate opportunities. Unless, of course, it’s a read for cold or allergy medication.

There is really no amount of digital wizardry (at least I don’t think so) that can cover up a cold. Trust me, I’ve tried. And failed miserably at it. Thankfully, the client had a longer than usual lead time so I was able to shake the icks and get the reads done well.

I drink tea with honey. I try eucalyptus steam.

I would even try a necklace of garlic if I knew it could help.

Fortunately, as a rule, I only get these things once a year — around this time of year. Knock on wood.

It’s a real pain in the tuches.

But, alas, it looks like the cold wins the day today.

What do you do when you get hit with the sick?



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