What Voice Talent Looks Like

Ever wonder what your favorite on-air personalities look like?

BuzzFeed did something pretty funny on it — related to NPR reporters, based on the sound of their voices.

The Ira Glass one is classic.

It is interesting, though. We’re voice people. There isn’t much thought into what we really look like.

Though I have been told I have a face for radio.

What’s funny about this are my own experiences that I have mentioned before.

I’m 43. With lots of gray hair.

I usually get cast as a mid-20s/early 30s guy. Unless, of course, it’s the good-natured dad.

I still get a kick out of walking into a studio with people I’m working with for the first time. In just about every instance, there is an awkward (funny to me) pause when they see the gray mane.

Breaking the ice is pretty easy.

“Not what you expected, is it?”

After the obvious sigh of relief from the client, we get to it.

Ever had this happen to you? Do you think you “look” the way you sound?

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