A Nifty Use Of Sound: Getting Some Zzzs

Quick note: Yeah, I know. It’s been awhile. But, WOW, did I have a great time at Advertising Week Europe.

And it’s been really good spending gobs of time with the family after being back.

We’ve had a little cold run through the house of late. Which ain’t exactly the greatest thing for someone who does voicework, right?

So I found myself at Walgreen’s looking for kid’s Tylenol and DayQuil (my goodness, how many brands can I get into one sentence?).

As I was walking down the cold medicine aisle, I heard snoring and paused to look around at where it came from.

ZzzQuil display with motion detector that triggered the sound.

2013-04-16 16.31.35


But it wasn’t just because of the way it was set up and merchandised. It was how subtle the snore was — not too loud, but just loud enough that it caught my attention.

Sure, this isn’t really about voiceover.

But VO is about sound and when any sound is done well, snores included, it can enhance and transform.

And make you stop and pay attention.

I’d love to see a brand somehow work a little voiceover in to something like this (or learn about a brand that’s doing it now). I think if it’s done right, it could be very interesting and effective.

And I hope I get that audition.


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