Real Storytelling: Wind With The Waterworks

Putting my “I’m in advertising” hat on here for a moment.

I was bouncing around the ad world and came upon this amazing spot for Wind, a telecom in Italy. The work was created by Ogilvy Milan and is a 4-minute film that features the song “To Build A Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra.

Simply put, this is incredible work. I suppose one thing I could say is that, since I’m a father myself, it hit the right chord in so many ways. You’ll see why when you watch.

There’s been a great deal in the biz about storytelling and #sadvertising. They seem to be two terms that get thrown about without much thought. In this case, it could be considered kind of sad. But, to me, it’s incredibly human and speaks to our common need to actually be human, especially as it relates to the father/son dynamic.

Is it good storytelling? Absolutely. It’s real storytelling.

Some may say that it takes liberally from a legendary Saatchi & Saatchi spot from New Zealand that was created for Telecom New Zealand. I could see that argument to some degree. But this still feels, well, different to me.

Powerful stuff. Great work. And I’m sure we’ll see this one take home plenty of (well-deserved) awards.

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