Now A Family (VO) Affair

A couple of years ago, my son (soon to be 6 years old) asked me about voice work. He had always seen the microphone in the office and fiddled around as I was rolling on few projects. It usually was a bit of yelling in the background, but he was having fun — and that’s all that really matters at this point.

One day, after voicing a few things I just asked him, “is this something that you’d like to do?” Darn tootin’ the answer was “yes.”

So we made a deal. If he booked gigs, a good chunk of it would go to his college fund. The rest of it? Legos.

Since he’s just starting to learn how to read, we did some line reads or “parrot reads” where I fed him lines and he repeated them. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but he was incredibly focused and followed directions very well (now if we could get him to do the same picking up toys in the house).

Now, I’m proud to say he’s officially part of the family business.

And I hope he’ll enjoy it for a very long time.

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