Getty Images Wins 2015 (So Far)

Twitter was aflutter with Vince Vaughn today. When seeing a celeb trend, there are two thoughts that generally come to mind: “uh-oh,” or “what did he do now?”

All Vince Vaughn did, in this case, was take part in one of the greatest things in the history of our industry — and though I’m prone to hyperbole, I may be right this time.

iStock by Getty Images partnered with New Regency 20th Century Fox to shoot a series of corporate stock imagery to support the release of the new film Unfinished Business. Vaughn and his co-stars, Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco posed in some of the more “classic” business stock poses such as:

“Well done”


“Team staring at nothing”


“Useless graph to nowhere”


“Holy s**t, we DID it!!”


Why is this campaign so great? How do I even begin?

But I think that it’s awfully brave of Getty Images to poke fun at the culture of stock photography. We may not love it at times, but we sure as hell use it often. And if you think it’s just about these types of shots, you should really explore as there are plenty of great things in Getty’s collections and iStock, in particular, has grown up a bit.

“iStock grew out of the small business sector and understanding the needs of SMBs and creatives is part of our DNA,” said Craig Peters, General Manager, iStock by Getty Images. We hope these images bring a smile to people’s faces as they recognise classic business stock concepts with a twist”.

Yes, Craig, these do bring a smile to our faces. It’s also incredibly smart. We industry folk are going crazy over this thing. We’re sharing it left and right and will likely oversaturate the world with the images — but why wouldn’t you? They are really great.

Oh, and Gary Vaynerchuck, don’t try to replicate this. It’s lightning in a bottle that happens just once and should never happen again.

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