My Favorite Bowie Moment

The tributes are rolling in — both from famous folks and people more like, er, you know, you and me. The outpouring of grief and celebration is interesting, because there wasn’t just one defining “moment” with David Bowie. In fact, that’s what likely makes David Bowie so unique.

Art is up for interpretation and it is highly subjective. Music is like that. Bowie, however, was on a completely different plane and planet. Michael Jackson had “Thriller.” Madonna had “Like A Virgin.” But Bowie had, well, everything. Bowie’s “hits” are one thing, but the body of work was so consistently good and interesting, that there was never a true “moment” but a continuum that is something otherworldly.

That said, I do have a favorite Bowie moment.

When music (or art, for that matter) makes me stop everything that I’m doing and demands my full focus, then I would count that as a moment. I felt that way at one of Outkast’s last shows. Same thing at LCD Soundsystem’s swan song.

In 1985, in a huge stadium in Philadelphia, my world stood still as David Bowie came on stage (via video uplink — I think that’s what it was called back then) in London to sing “Heroes.” I remember it like it was yesterday and it will still have the same impact on me forever: chills.

There’s really nothing else to say — there’s only this “moment” to enjoy for now, and countless others for eternity.


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