Rashida Jones: The Perfect Voice For Southwest

Sometimes the planets align and the perfect voice is matched with a brand.

Such is the case with Rashida Jones and Southwest Airlines. Jones, formerly of Parks and Recreation and currently in Angie Tribeca ticks every box that a creative director and brand like this are looking (and listening) for: youthful, easy to listen to, natural, conversational. As voice talent, we see direction like this for auditions all the time — and it’s not always easy to hit those marks.

Jones doesn’t bombard the brand, she absolutely enhances, gives it life and a fresh feel.

This is part of the brand refresh for the airline that took launched in 2014. I’d be curious to know else was auditioning for this brand voice — but it’s safe to say that Southwest and the agency, GSD&M, hit an absolute home run with this casting.

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