About Doug Zanger

The fact is, Doug Zanger loves doing voice work.

“Quite honestly, voice work is one of my greatest professional joys. I still get a kick of being in the studio — it’s that same energy and excitement from when I started in 1995.”

Over the years, Doug has worked with companies and brands including StarwoodNikeTiger BalmJiffy LubeTBSKrogerMercedes BenzToyotaSubaru and more.

“It’s been a really fun mixed bag. There’s the traditional end like TV and radio — but I’ve been fortunate to do some narration and digital work as well. The TBS work for the ‘Very Funny’ website launch in 2005 stands out. I did Seinfeld in Spanish, among other things. It was odd, weird and wonderful.”

Doug even lent his voice as the title character (affecting a Virginia accent) in “Patrick Henry: Quest for Freedom,” an educational DVD.

“I worked with Holmes Osborne, who was in the Tom Hanks movie, Larry Crowne. He was fun to work with, a real pro and a very good coach. I learned a great deal from him.”

His style?

“I’ve been told that I have a unique delivery that feels natural, but is also a little wry. It may sound a little cliché, but some have said that it has a little bit of an alternative edge to it. Someone once said, ‘man, you sound so Pacific Northwest.’ I take that as a compliment. My coach, Tom Chantler, has worked with me to harness and accentuate that as opposed to trying to change it.”

Doug’s clients and producers are often shocked when they meet him in person for the first time.

“I’m usually cast a little younger than my real age (45). So, when I show up and they see this guy with a massive mop of gray hair, they’re a little taken aback. They also say I’m taller than they expect — which is funny to me.”

So, how will the future be written?

“I think that it really comes down to this. First, I just want to continue to grow and improve. You’ve never really ‘arrived,’ it’s a constant process. Secondly, I want to continue to work with people on the agency, client and studio level who like to coach so that they can get the very best out of me.”

But, there is one last part of his future that is squarely on Doug’s radar.

“Oh, I definitely want to do another animated feature. I think it would be a kick for my kids to hear daddy on something from Pixar.”

Which underscores an important point.

Though he loves his work in the studio, Doug’s most important job is being a father to two lovely children and husband to a woman who clearly is among the most patient on the planet.